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Finding the right lawyer can be difficult, and once you find an attorney that you’re comfortable with, you may be hesitant to cut ties with that person. After all, how bad can it be? This person is credentialed and spent many years working on their craft to get to this level. Why should you change things now? Just because this attorney has accolades doesn’t mean this working relationship is the right fit for you. There are ways you can tell when it’s time to part ways with your current lawyer. Let’s get into some of the warning signs you shouldn’t ignore.


Lack Of Communication

This is a big red flag when it comes to the relationship with your attorney. If you find that your lawyer is ignoring your calls or not giving you any new information on your case in an adequate amount of time, you may want to start thinking about other options. You should also take notice if your current attorney doesn’t remember the essential details of your case. While it is undoubtedly true that lawyers get busy, that shouldn’t mean that your claim has to suffer. Consider whether or not you are getting the attention you need.


Constant Mistakes & Excuses

Mistakes are bound to happen. Nobody is perfect, of course. When errors are repeated, however, then it becomes a problem. If you find that your attorney is constantly asking you for documents you’ve already provided, cutting ties may be the right solution. The same holds if your lawyer continuously requests the court for an extension on your case without a good reason. This gives the impression that your attorney wants to hold off on the case as much as possible because they don’t have time to meet your needs or don’t feel confident in pulling out a win in court.


Use these tendencies as a warning sign for the lawyer you’re currently working with. If you’ve been noticing a lack of communication, repeated mistakes, and a bevy of excuses, you may want to look for someone else to handle your case. Otherwise, you could be in for a prolonged and frustrating experience. Take the time to assess whether or not your attorney is the right fit for you.