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All aspiring lawyers could use some books to help jumpstart their careers. With the time you’ve put in law school and passing the bar exam, it’s easy to see that you’ve worked hard and are doing your due diligence up to this point. Despite the hard work, you know that this is just the beginning. Even after nabbing your first job in law, there’s still a lot you can learn. Luckily, there are plenty of books at your disposal. In fact, choosing the right one may prove to be difficult as there are so many options. Here are some of the best books you can take with you on your journey.


The New Lawyer’s Handbook

This book by Karen Thalacker aims to teach fresh lawyers things they didn’t learn in law school. For example, The New Lawyer’s Handbook goes over how to handle clients and co-exist with others in the office. The book also guides you through a healthy work-life balance. Along with providing expert tips, the book even lays out meditations you can do to free yourself of stress anytime you’re feeling the pressure of the job. This book is highly recommended for those just starting their law career.


My Life in Court

Louis Nizer is the author of My Life in Court. Nizer gives a fascinating look back at some of his most intense cases, both civil and criminal. He also gives a vivid description of how intense the courtrooms were during these cases. From defamation cases to trademark and copyright, Nizer has seen it all. He also goes in-depth into cases where he was involved in lawsuits against others for slander. Nizer paints a clear picture of just how demoralizing it can be for one’s character to be tarnished due to false statements and accusations.



This is a fantastic book if you’re looking to keep a level head. Being a lawyer is stressful and can test your patience. You have to understand that no client is going to want to stick you with if you are easily triggered. Flourish by Martin Seligman will help you keep a healthy state of mind no matter what is thrown your way. Staying cool also plays into your favor in court.